Loving the past several hours spent with my bestie, lunch and then some unintentional shopping at the mall.
No selfie or wefie taken, not even playing with our gadget, just the two of us, together, window shopping, sharing some of our thoughts on some of the clothes on display, telling each other what clothes suit each other, giving honest opinion on how the clothes look on us, persuading each other to buy the stuff that look good on us, commenting on some silly stuff we saw on our way through the mall, and also accompanying each other, just gabbing and interact, truly a precious time.
Today make me remember just how the two of us were like before, before she became a wife and later a mother, a decade has pass, but we’re still the same, I hope we’ll always be the same when another decade or two pass.
We have passed the stage of polite awkwardness with each other, freely talk about some ‘private’ stuff, we were with each other during the high and low, and yet here we are, still as strong as ever and we kept our bond strong, despite the time we spent apart, we didn’t feel the need to one upped each other, we didn’t need to prove ourselves to each other, we have definitely passes the stage where we need to impress each other, we’re just comfortably being us, you and me are two different person, yet we’re so much alike in some area and completely different in others, but I guess that’s what make us work.

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