tonight schedule :
-manicure (benerin nail art yg rada rusak, wait, who am i kidding? the nails are pretty much torn, need to redo it completely)
-pedicure (same point as manicure, that’s what happened when you did it like around 3 weeks ago)
-facial (let’s exterminate this stubborn single and happy acne)
-prepping the dress for 2morrow (that means I have to get it from the seamstress place)
-prepping the accessories (where did I kept the clutch anyway?
-shoes (that’s easy, just a little bit of brushing the dust)
-worrying about thing that can go wrong 2morrow (I did it all the time, don’t know when I’ll learn not to fret)
-make up (usually always hate when it was done professionally coz I ended up looking much older than my actual age and feels so thick that I’ll probably crack my make up when I smile)
now that I’ve listed some of it, I really need to go home, time to lose the shop! see you again in Monday….

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