To all of my friends in social media, here’s a food for your thought.
Is it wrong to express my sympathy towards those hundreds of people who became victim in this LATEST incident in Paris? Does me expressing my sympathy means I did not feel any sympathy towards everyone in Syria, Palestine and so many countries that still in conflict in Middle East or even those countries in Africe with famine, drought, and civil war happening? Now I’m telling you, it’s not! I also sympathize with them, I felt sorry for them, especially for those seemingly never ending conflicts in Middle East, but there are nothing I could do physically but pray to them, and at least let them know someone had them in their mind and pray for them. Was it wrong?
You know what’s wrong?
1. Posting pictures of dead kids or victims in social media without thought or consideration for the family of the deceased
2. Spreading hatred campaign through social media
3. Shared some people posts-questionable post that hasn’t been confirmed or just created to malign some particular people (government official) or some other religion without even bothering to check whether it’s true or not
4. Writing idiotic and senseless thought or comment about some recent news
5. Getting provoked and adding oil to the fire and create bigger conflicts for any of the points above

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