(Another) New Year Resolution

It’s December…… (again)

*deep sigh*

When everyone else think of December with joy, grace and jolly thought. For me, December is a month full of torture.

Yes I did appreciate and thankful for the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, because He is born to this world and saved us all.

But December is also the last month of the year, full of festivities and of course house cleaning and cooking for family members and friends who’re coming to celebrate Christmas. Not to forget preparing for New Year.

For me, I have the luck of having a job that crucially need to be done before New Year every year. Job after job. This time it’s not that different as well. Working in a four-star hotel as a member of Accounting Division means I have to finish all the report on time, before New Year, so vacationing during the New Year Holiday is quite IMPOSSIBLE.

December is also depressing because it’s the time of the year where I got to look behind me, to review everything that I’ve done and achieved the whole year and as I review back my life, I got to acknowledged that I’ve managed not to achieve everything that I wish and dreamed of the previous year.

For instance, I remembered that last year I put vacation in Thailand as a goal, and I haven’t achieved that.

But in my defense, I did start a brand new job last year, so taking some time off for a vacation is a big no no. No with capital words period.

But I did managed to have a vacation in Jakarta with all my coworkers. Yes, we sneak out some vacation during public holiday and snatch a three days vacations and basically just have some fun together. And by the time we got back and return to work, we’re all exhausted.

Also, another achievement, I’ve been committed to be a sunday school teacher. It’s exhausting but fun  as well. I has been learning a lot of things to become a great sunday school teacher. Also been socializing with fellow teachers.

One thing I realized as well, is that I’ve changed. I used to hate being in the spotlight, so whenever they need someone to perform, I will be the last person to offer myself, but I was asked to play a role in Christmas drama and apparently I didn’t feel nervous at all, even when I have to perform in front of a lot of people. But I still didn’t offer myself for the role, but when I was asked I didn’t protest much.

Hmmm, I guess being a sunday school teacher did widened my network and horizon, although I have to admit, being committed to this role is not easy at all. Being swamped at work combined with full commitment towards being sunday school sometimes leaves me with little to no time at all at home.

Also one of the reason why my December is quite packed with activities. Luckily, I didn’t took part of too many things. I supposed if I did, I’ll have to split myself into several me. *sigh*

Now I’m right in the middle of December, The Christmas festivities are halfway done, but my job? It hasn’t start much, I dreaded the day when end of the month closing on us *shiver*.

So, my New year resolution? What will it be?

To tell you the truth, I hasn’t even thought of it. Hahaha.

You must be wondering, then why am I posting something about it?


You know? I am weird, that’s why, hahaha.

You know what else I should be doing instead of writing this post? Well, let me make a list about that :

1. Fixed my notebook

2. Finished downloading all the TV series I want to watch (the list keep going on and on and on every year)

3. Watching all of those said TV series that I downloaded

4. Lose some weight

5. Learn more about how to put party make up on

6. Finished my job (reports and filing etc)

7. Stop playing my smartphone ever few hours

8. Stop thinking about how much I want my long hair back and accept the fact that I have to cut it short

9. Tidying my own desk in my office.

The list just keep going on and on and on.

Fine, I think now is the time for me to cut this post short, since I have no idea what I want to do next year. So this is it.

A writing that has nothing to do with the title whatsoever.

Kisses and hugs.


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