Book Review-Bought : Destitute Yet Defiant By Sarah Morgan

So, yesterday I got a chance to have a Q&A session live via twitter with Sarah Morgan (the real one! Yay). Of course, I didn’t waste any time to join it. And guess what? I won a copy of her book! Horray! Getting my question answered by the author herself is an honor but to actually get a copy of her book? Definitely icing on the cake.

In honor of those session, I went through my books and decided to re-read one of her books and I choose Bought : Destitute Yet Defiant(this is the first book that come to my hand).

It’s a classic story of rich guy met poor girl but with a touch of humanity in both of the character. I’ve read so many novels now, which usually sported story between rich and poor. But, the hero in this book, Silvio Brianza is a self made billionaire with dark past and the heroine, Jessie (I forget her last name) is actually a part of Silvio’s past. The death of Jessie’s brother cause a rift between the two because Jessie blamed Silvio to be the reason for her brother’s death.

What I like from this book is the strength of Jessie yet somehow she’s still quite fragile. She faced debt collector who wants a piece of her for her brother’s debt. Yet using her amazing talent as a singer to pay some of that debt without resorting to the easiest way.

And Silvio blamed himself for staying away and let her face those problem by herself and believing that she has become a prostitute to pay off the debt. The misunderstanding just got worse because when he came back Jessie wore a revealing dress and he just assumed the worst of it. This actually make me want to slap Silvio. Although this book can’t enter the “slap and kiss” category since the hero is refreshingly not so stubborn. There are times when I read a novel and the hero misunderstand the heroine and become so stubborn that the misunderstanding just keep going on and on.

Silvio felt guilt yet he desired Jessie, he can’t forget the fact that he desired her even years ago when she was just eighteen. He want the best for her and yet his guilt won’t let him go. He know that Jessie hated and blamed him yet he couldn’t just leave her alone. So he did the only thing that comes into his mind to keep her safe.

There is this one thing that I hate from the heroine is her negative way of viewing the world. I don’t know whether this was caused by her hardship or is it just because of her hatred t Silvio that blinded her. Sarah Morgan described her as beautiful yet when she showed up in Silvio’s party for the first time, she still thought that the distance Silvio put between them was because he was embarrased of her. She actually ended up washing some dishes in the galley! And her remark bout why Silvio put a distance between them cause Silvio’s control to snap and *ahem* they were making love.

I also like the way Sarah described how Silvio actually tried to help a lot of troubled people and ended up having their loyalty. This really give Jessie some new perspective about Silvio and she finally begin to see Silvio in a new light.

While the two of them exploring their new relationship, they began to share their deepest feeling and dark past. But Jessie’s insecurity and negative point of view messed their relationship. Even after everything Silvio did for her, she still thought the worst of herself. It’s like she didn’t believe that she worth nothing.

Thanks God, Sillvio won’t let her go or this story will definitely have a sad ending(which would never ever happened in the world of romance novels).

In the end, this book is good but not my favourite. My favourite is still Sale Or Return Bride which is the first book of Sarah Morgan that I’ve read. I’ll post a review of this book later.


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